Sunday, May 20, 2007

Not a bad return....

Why was I breaking from stars you ask? Well how does 2 cashes in 57 tournaments, with 0 final tables hit ya? Yup those were my stats on Stars during May so far, $10,697.75 in buy-ins and a whopping $820.70 in cashes. While I wouldn't exactly say I ran good today, I definitely didn't run as horrible as I was and I took a little step towards making those numbers not look so ugly. On the day, I had 5 cashes in 12 tournaments, including a 3rd place finish in the 50 rebuys for about 5.5k, which was close to what my profit was on stars today. I also cashed in both 12:00 p.m. tournaments, the 300 and 100 nlhe, along with the afternoon 10r and evening 100r. The evening 100r was definitely a BeL0W-a-Coaster, as I had about 70k at 600-1200, then was down to 12k at 800-1600, way up to 145k at 1k-2k, and busted in 14th place at the 1.5k-3k level, blah.

All day I was playing some sick poker. On full tilt I was the bubble boy in the 300 short handed, as my QQ was no match for the eventual winner's AJ aipf. I also managed to go deep in the 100r ftops event, where I finished 32nd out of 1,487 runners. Another BLAH!! Seeing as I have such great luck in these big rebuy events during the series, no one at my table rebought, perfect! :( I tried to loosen them up with some stupid all-ins, and when i finally got called my AK was no match for K4 suited =). With no one at the table willing to be an idiot with me, I just started getting really aggressive pre-flop, opening for 300-400 and taking it on the flop. I got to the 1st break w/ 16k or so. Was my usual up and down performance early, but I had about 30k at the 1200-2400 level, when the average was about 50k or so with 125 people left. I pretty much grinded the whole tourney, never having more then 70k, and never having more then 1/2 the average stack. Was down to 20k @ 3k-6k, when I could grind no longer and moved in with A6 and failed to improve vs 99. BLah BLah BLah whatever.

I'm feeling good going into another Sunday. Here's to making it a special Sunday and not the usual I hate Sundays, where's your gun?


Rex55 said...


Tis true..Sick-O poker from ya yesterday. "Holy Smokes Batman!!!" at your call with JJ on the A2346 board, when Intervention fired 120k on the river. Been learning a lot from watching...check push all in on turn with 3 outs is gooooooooood =)
I hate Sundays, too. So hopefully by the end of today, the sunday terror is replaced for the both of us. =)
See you at the tables!


Nancy in Fox Valley said...

I just read your early Sunday morning entry. Can you write it again in English? LOL. By the way, what do you want for your birthday dinner? Meatloaf, lasagna, burgers on the grill?