Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Ok, i gave in...here we go

So for a long time I put off creating a blog because i felt it was the "trendy" thing everyone was doing. Just like myspace, I have finally gave in. Hopefully I will be able to update frequently, but I know I will slack because that's what I do best (outside of poker), and I apologize in advance. I'll probably end up using this space to post some interesting hands I may play in a tournament online, talk about personal shit I do in my life, and perhaps give tournament recaps of live events I play.

Right now I don't have too much going on as far as traveling this month, although I will be in Vegas for some WSOP pre-lims from June 5th until June 18th. I plan to come home and relax for two weeks before returning July 2nd and staying through the Main Event which starts on the 6th or something. The Last weekend of June my best friend George is getting married finally, I'm pretty excited but nervous for him. He's never been one for a conventional lifestyle, as he is just into his 30's and last fall finally got his 1st "real" job since his junior year of high school. He's pretty much survived by gambling on anything and everything, and done quite well. He and Jamie have been dating on and off since they were in high school, so it's about fucking time bro!!!

I feel old, turning 27 later this month, but the odd thing is George is the 1st of my friends to get married, so I'm excited to experience this. I mean one of my other good friends Jason is practically married, since his girlfriend lives with them and they have a toddler together, but they aren't officially married. Along with my roomate Mike, the 4 of us have all been really close since I was in high school, and with Mike finally dating someone seriously again I've been going through some weird inner feelings. Kind of like I'm being left behind, as they are getting serious with their lives, here I am with no serious girlfriend which means I obviously have no clue as to what the future has in store for me as far as my own family. This has kind of lead to me going through some depression of my own the last few months. Depression runs in my family, and I have seen therapists in my past, including trying multiple drugs to help tame my mood swings. I never found a drug that I really like, feel like I tried them all, so eventually I just stop seeing the therapists. After the WSOP I will probably take a little time from poker to try and make myself happy on and off the tables. All right, it's almost 6 A.M., time to try and sleep now.


threeven said...

I have a mancrush on you Kevin, looking forward to the blog!

Anonymous said...

Hey kevin

We met at the Bellagio during the WPT in April. I was railing you (The English guy from PXF)

Looking forward to more of your videos on pxf.

Good luck man with everything you do :)

Maxcell said...

Hey Kevin!

I think that you write very well.I hope that we see more of your writings in future! Good luck to you Kev!

Shaun said...

Sounds exactly the way I feel about feeling old and friends leaving you behind. I am the same age as you (turn 27 in Dec). I too have my close friends from high school, and oddly enough none of us have gotten married yet. 2 of them do have the serious live in girlfriend though, and real jobs at engineering firms, shit like that. So I understand what your saying. Maybe a break after the WSOP will do you good.

sprstoner said...

gl on the blog man, i will be sure to check it out.

resilient said...

I was thinking about the story Doyle told in Super System I when friend noted to him, "Doyle, you're not playing well". He took two weeks off in Hawaii and came back playing not just better, but markedly better.

Now this has nothing to do with how you are playing, but maybe just as much to do with how you are feeling at times personally. Maybe a 2-4 week zero poker vacation after WSOP would help a lot and help you with your life balance.

Just a thought.

TiltedAK said...

Yea, down with the sickness, but thats not the one Im talking about!I was surprized to read you suffering from depression,so candid, and open, thats cool - but you can get through it. I too have gone through these times.And yes,all the drugs dont seem to work after a while, or if they do the side effects out weigh
the good. Good news though- I tried one that actually does with little or no side effect. Zyprexa, and no libito change. Just though I would suggest it.

Jernej said...

looking forward for some nice trip reports :)
and gl at the tables

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Welcome to the seedy underworld of blogging Below!

I hope you're not feeling too down, you have an insane poker talent and I'm looking forward to your HH and trip reports.